Our Graphtec Plotters cut film with precision. Utilizing state of the art computer generated patterns our software cuts over 250K vehicle-specific patterns with precision to match the shape and contour of your automobile.

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-Paint Protection Film

 -Window Tinting (Auto & Residential)

-Auto/RV’s Detailing 

Window Films

Non-reflective, "black" finish that will not fade
Exceptional heat and infrared rejection
Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect vehicle occupants as well as the interior
No signal interference

Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with protection against film fading 

 Paint Protection Film

Helps protect against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris, using heat from the sun or your engine
Self-healing top coat that is scratch and crack resistant
Nearly invisible protection helps keep your car’s paint finish looking newer longer and leading to higher trade-in-value at resale
Offers outstanding durability and optical clarity
Available in high-gloss and matte finish
Backed by a manufacturer’s ten-year limited warranty that includes a labor allowance


Protection film is applied wet. Sunshine Auto Shield uses deionized and/or distilled water in our application process. Our water has gone through a rigorous filtration process to strip it from all contaminants and mineral deposits. Our water is Chlorine, Fluoride and Sodium

 Auto Detailing

For the exterior our professional use Nano Skin Auto-Scrub Towel for clay bar by easily and safely removing surface contamination.  This new process is much quicker than using the traditional clay bar and you will get same great clean surface upon completion. With that process it will keep your clear coat paint shiny all year long.  For the Interior our professional use heated soil extractor machine to remove organic stains, grease and oils.  Also remove stains and odors from carpet /upholstery cause by urine, feces, coffee and vomit.


Our film carries the top industry leading warranty against yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing covering both film and labor. Our Window films are backed by a lifetime warranty on states legal law film.